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Why Vaping?

Why would someone use our products?

  • Enjoy a personal vaporizer inside, where it’s warm.
  • Electronic cigarettes (personal vaporizers) have come a long way.  They are nothing like the behind-the-checkout cigarettes of just a few years ago.
  • Our flavors won’t permanently stink up your house and clothes.
  • No cigarette butts to dispose of.
  • Keep a variety of flavors available to match your mood.  For example, try a coffee or tobacco flavor in the morning and switch to a nice strawberry shortcake for the afternoon.
  • Your friends and family will appreciate losing the ash tray smell.  Your mouth does not smell like a cigarette when you’re done.
  • Electronic cigarettes have no open flames and aren’t restricted during a fire ban.  This makes them ideal for campers, hikers, and backpackers during adventures in the Black Hills.
  • Grandparents who vape can play with their grandchildren without the little ones complaining of the smell.
  • Individuals out on the town with friends can reach for a vapor instead of a tobacco product at the end of the night.
  • No lighters needed.  And some of our products can even charge cell phones!
  • On a diet?  Get the e-liquid flavor of your favorite guilty pleasure foods.
  • Allergic?  Get the e-liquid flavor of foods you are no longer able to eat.  One of our friends is gluten intolerant and was able to locate a key lime pie e-liquid flavor.  She LOVES it.  (Our flavors are not all certified to be free of allergens, but we’ll help research if you’re curious)
  • There is a vibrant mod community.  There are active groups in the Black Hills area and worldwide that are experts in every type of electrical and mechanical customization. One such group is the Black Hills Vapers Facebook group.


Possible downsides:

  • If the smoker in your house was the one that took out the garbage or did yard work while smoking, that might need to be re-negotiated.
  • There are many, many flavors to try.


Still not sure?

Our sampling bar is available for anyone over the age of 18 to try.  Even if you’re on the fence, stop by, ask questions, and