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BHV proudly carries premium USA ejuice from some of our favorite vendors.  Vendors are hand-selected for their quality ingredients and interesting flavors. Flavors come from across the US to our store in Rapid City, South Dakota. Stop by and try all of our e-liquid flavors at the sample station!


Liquids are available with and without nicotine with levels from 0-24 mg.  Products will not be sold to anyone under 18.


Indigo Vapor

indigoIndigo Vapor was founded on the belief that there is a better alternative for those individuals that are addicted to smoking than cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff or cigars.We carry Indigo Vapor’s premium tobacco flavors, including our favorite, The Duke. Indigo Vapor liquids are made If you fancy a cigarette or cigar flavor, stop in and try The Duke, Santa Sauce, or Uncle Cutty.

Captain Ron
Indigo Classic
Kick Back
Pumpkin Mocha
Santa Sauce
The Duke
The Turk
Uncle Cutty

Quantum Vapor


Quantum Vapors makes their eJuice orders by hand in the USA. Their flavors are created and tested over time to ensure that flavors pass the test of family and friends before being offered for sale. We carry Quantum Vapor’s amazing fruit flavors, including Chaos Theory and Strappleberry. Or for that cool minty kick, try Cryostasis.


Uber Berry

Aurora B
Chaos Theory


Vapor Beast

Vapor Beast eJuice is made in the USA.  They believe in innovative products to make the experience of personal vaporizors that much better. We stock a variety of Vapor Beast’s flavors, from Cool Beans cappuccino to Jive 555‘s nutty homage to rhythm & blues. For a unique experience, try Delicious Strawberry Cupcake. 

Cool Beans Coffee Cappuccino
Delicious Strawberry Cupcake
Divine Lemon Cake
Fresh Harvest Mandarin Orange
Holy Grail
Kick Ash Full Flavored Tobacco
Razzmatazz Raspberry Limeade


Velvet Cloud Vapor

Velvet Cloud Vapor was founded 2011 in San Francisco, by Aria and Julie, to bring together unique tastes, quality ingredients, and hand brewed American-Sourced Nicotine Extract to serve the San Francisco Bay Area. If the local farmer’s market made e-liquid – this would be it. Black Hills Vapors stocks some remarkable flavors from Velvet Cloud Vapor.  If you miss breakfast, try the Maple Mountain Breakfast or Night Shift.  And Mewlew’s Magic is magical. 

Candy Bar
Catherine The Grape
Chocolate Pudding
Maple Mountain Breakfast
Mewlew’s Magic
Night Shift
Sour Skittles


Native Juice Vapor

Native Juice logoThe mission at Native Juice Vapor is to provide each and every customer with quality customer service and e-Juices tested within our company prior to sale. BHV has Zombie Juice and other fantastic flavors available for sampling and purchase.  Melon Patch may just be your new all-day vape…

Bear Bones Bounty
Kiss of Key Lime
Old Man Witherspoon
Zombie Juice


Baker White

 Baker White Inc. started with two vaping enthusiasts and a vision. The vision was to bring together the rich, bold, clean flavors one would find only in the worlds best kitchens and the consistency, safety and perfection found only in the scientific community.

Citrus Summit
Pina Colada
Strawberry Fields
Summer Tea
Vanilla Dream


Seduce Juice

 Seduce Juice was conceived in late 2012 in Charlotte NC.The mission of Seduce Juice is to offer the best tasting juices at reasonable prices to discerning vapers. To offer great prices and be on the cutting edge of new flavors and combinations. To use only approved and generally-recognized-as-safe ingredients in all juices.

Snake Oil
Snake Venom

Banzai Vapors

Banzai Vapors strives to bring you the newest, most unique, e-juice blends in the world! Their goal is to provide you with high quality liquids and create luscious flavors that appeal to every palette. Banzai Vapors is made in Tacoma, Washington. 50/50 PG/VG.

Bite Me
Double Rainbow
Twinkin’ of You
Why so Serious?


Mt. BakerVapor

Mt. Baker Vapor uses the finest quality ingredients. All e-liquid is diacetyl free and has a great amount of flavor. Since the nicotine juice is mixed fresh it is best to age your nicotine juice before use to give the juices time to oxidize and become more flavorful. Made in the USA. 80/20 VG/PG, 1 extra flavor shot

Grape Juice
Johnny Chimpo
Moo Juice
Salted Caramel


What about the quality of the ingredients?

Indigo Vapor does not use diacetyl, acetyl propionyl or acetoin. They use pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and nicotine.  All flavorings used are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).


Quantum Vapor does not use diacetyl or acetoin or their alternatives even though they are GRAS.  Their liquids are hand made in house.  The extracts used to flavor liquids are manufactured with natural flavorings and in many cases considered organic.


Velvet Cloud uses 100% vegetable glycerine base.  Velvet Cloud liquids do not contain propylene glycol, diacetyl, artificial ingredients or food coloring of any sort.  Because real extracts are used, individuals with allergies are urged to be very careful.  Individuals with peanut allergies should not sample the candy bar flavor.
Seduce Juice liquids do not contain diacetyl or sweetening additives.